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I think at this point we'r eall used to me making highly irregular post so let's move it right along, shall we?
The semester's almost over! I take my first final tomorrow then a few more next week and I'll be finished with my first semester of college, which is craziness. I still haven't made many friends but I'm slowly inching out of my shell. Uhm, my birthday is fairly soon, in 17 days and I have no idea what to do for it? I'm turning 19? Like yay I cigarettes legally in Alabama? Which would be awesome if uh, I smoked cigarettes? But I don't so...suggestions for things to do? 

I've recently been pulled into Misfits, I watched the entire first season and the first three episodes of the second yesterday and searched obsessively for the fourth online all day. It didn't get posted until RIGHT before I was about to go to sleep, which is why I'm still up now, I just finished it. Any of you guys watch it? Anyone want to squee with me? I initially started watching because I saw some ONTD posts with Nathan above the cut and I thought he was a bit cute so I checked it out but I just love everything about it. It's silly but dramatic and the cast is actually decently diverse (can we talk about how we've seen like...3 interracial relationships and not once has anyone mentioned it? Is that just an American thing? I feel like that's an American thing) and there are just so many things I like about it.

Things I like about Misfits, a short list It got spoilery )

I'm doing this thing where I attempt to listen to all of the songs on my ipod/itunes. I'm doing it alphabetically and I JUST NOW hit the "I"s. I was in the Hs all day, Jesus.

How are you?


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