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Title: like its never been done before
Author: [ profile] stardustonsable 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine, Sam/Mercedes, Quinn/Rachel
Word Count: 3,000
Summary: 5 Times Kurt and/or Mercedes Heard I Love You and 1 Times They Didn't Need To
Spoilers: If you haven't watched 2x22 you may wanna wait to read this.
Warnings: References to homophobic bullying and some body-policing.
Author Notes: I've been working on this since I stopped screaming about 2x22. Title and cuttag are modified lyrics from Does It Offend You Yeah?'s Pull Out My Insides

and a heart full of words made you numb )
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I wrote half of this in a dream this morning. That sould tell you whats on my mind lately.

a long night is alright
[ profile] stardustonsable 
Kurt/Blaine, background: Santana/Brittany
Word Count:
Blaine learns some new things about Kurt
Graphic use of an illicit substance. Christ, that makes it sound so serious. High schoolers smoking pot.
Author Notes:
I seem to have committed Glee!fic. I’m not really sure how that happened. The stoner!band referenced is Animal Collective and the song lyrics are from “Did You See the Words?” and “We Tigers” respectively. Cut tag is also from "We Tigers". Guys, they’re a total hipster stoner band. I say that with love. There isn’t an official playlist for this but if you want you should read it to We Tigers, Winter’s Love and Firework by Animal Collective and Captian Badass by Songs: Ohia.

May I bang with this? )
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Delicious is going away.
D: D: D: D:
I have 725 bookmarked items on my del. I know that people have thousands.
[ profile] cleolinda  posted some alternatives but seriously D: D: D:

Will be back with Misfits reaction post later maybe after I've found a stream and watched it. Also going to import my del stuff D:
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*snort* Just when I thought I was finished with Harry Potter I go and do this.

Bond by Anna Fugazzi

Its long, intricately plotted and hot. If you were or are apart of HP Fen, especially if you read Harry/Draco you're more than familiar with the Harry and Draco are forced to be together because ~magical reason here~ plot. Yes well this is one of those but its actually y'know good. At one point while reading, I stumbled across something especially clever and sat up and said, aloud, "This is honest-to-god good writing,". So yes, go, it make take about two days but read it anyway!
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dudes, I don't even know. Its something old that I never posted. Uhm, [ profile] e5chatlovelies...*hides*

I Would Drop It On A Dime For You
Cobra pre-gsf, Pete/Patrick, Frank/Gerard, Brian V./Amanda Palmer
R 2,600 words

You gave me something I could hold on to )

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Sleep 'til The Sun Burns Out
NC-17 (I know, I'm shocked too)
5,980 words
Pete/Patrick/Travis, implied Cobra GSF
Gigantic thank yous to[info]akire_yta, [ profile] perspexsea, for betaing and my e5chat loves and[ profile] t_usual_suspect for cheerleading when I really needed it. Based losely (to the point that you'd probably have to ask me to get how) on this prompt from [ profile] we_are_cities. This is indeed mpreg, folks, so if this isn't your bag well, can't say I didn't warn you. ♥

What's in it for us, Princess? ) 

mcr4u fic

Jul. 4th, 2008 07:19 pm
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The Tearing Sound of Love Notes
Frank/Mikey College Fic

On to the fic! )
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Commentfic with [ profile] revelininsanity  from the HHAHFrank meme that [ profile] stereomer  had. 
4,132 words 

Why are you such an asshole Frank? )


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Pieces Mended
PG-13 3,649

Thanks to the lovely[info]stepps  for whipping my tenses into shape, and being a great beta. Comments, as always, are love. 


Marry me/Stay the same/Lie to me and tell me that you never will )
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Do Your Part to Save the Scene
Spencer/Bob, past Bob/Ray, pre-Gerard/Frank
PG-13 1,849

This has been said so many times that I'm not sure if it matters )
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She's a Handsome Woman (retroactively titled)
Spencer/Bob, Pete/Patrick, Gerard/Ray/Mikey, William/Travis
PG-13 2,171

Sunk the glow and drowned in covers )


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