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I think at this point we'r eall used to me making highly irregular post so let's move it right along, shall we?
The semester's almost over! I take my first final tomorrow then a few more next week and I'll be finished with my first semester of college, which is craziness. I still haven't made many friends but I'm slowly inching out of my shell. Uhm, my birthday is fairly soon, in 17 days and I have no idea what to do for it? I'm turning 19? Like yay I cigarettes legally in Alabama? Which would be awesome if uh, I smoked cigarettes? But I don't so...suggestions for things to do? 

I've recently been pulled into Misfits, I watched the entire first season and the first three episodes of the second yesterday and searched obsessively for the fourth online all day. It didn't get posted until RIGHT before I was about to go to sleep, which is why I'm still up now, I just finished it. Any of you guys watch it? Anyone want to squee with me? I initially started watching because I saw some ONTD posts with Nathan above the cut and I thought he was a bit cute so I checked it out but I just love everything about it. It's silly but dramatic and the cast is actually decently diverse (can we talk about how we've seen like...3 interracial relationships and not once has anyone mentioned it? Is that just an American thing? I feel like that's an American thing) and there are just so many things I like about it.

Things I like about Misfits, a short list It got spoilery )

I'm doing this thing where I attempt to listen to all of the songs on my ipod/itunes. I'm doing it alphabetically and I JUST NOW hit the "I"s. I was in the Hs all day, Jesus.

How are you?

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That thing I was hoping wouldn't happen happened and now I've got no tears but plenty of rage. Fuck them fuck them fuck them.
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My tapers are here :}
Am I really the only one that's a little offended by the black girl on Glee? Yes? *sigh* Okay then.
Taking Back Sunday, Friday, I'm really really excited.

I am not fond of my insecurities. If he is only humouring me then he shall humour me all the longer. And if he is not well, then, that's another post all together.

Good lord the ACT made my head hurt.

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too tired for real post.
short hand.

-i think i like a boy?
-i want to forget that I'm a Creative Writer at the School of Fine Arts sometimes.
-i love her but sometimes i want to smack her.
-wait, wut
-i'm not leaving bandom, i'm polyamorus, sillies.
-psh, college.
- O HAY. Taking Back Sunday next week and Fall Out Boy the week after that.
-always so tired.
-fucking taciturnity
-may have to go up to 0g. sorry ma.
-*sigh* <- up to interpretation.
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Listening to Mogwai &  Explosions in the Sky in study hall.
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Hey *smishes you all* I've missed your faces. Its been hot as BALLS here, but hey, its Alabama. I'm behind on everything, but what's new about that. I am...making money. \o/. There's no way I'm not gonna have money to get my piercing in January (I've decided I'm gonna go with the labret for right now. It'll change again in a few minutes,). Have I mentioned that I've missed your lovely faces. Its occuring to me that I'm quickly approaching my 3rd LJ birthday and my *squint* 6th? 7th? fandom birthday. I know that there are people who've been in fandom for YEEEEEEEEEEARS but its crazy to me that I'm approaching 10 years in fandom. That is CRAZINESS.
So. I'm probably gonna see Fall Out Boy in September. and All American Rejects. Oh, Blink 182 are headlinging but *handwave*.

Hey flist wanna tell me your favorite Blink songs, just to give me something to learn?

I'm...kindve crazy psyched about it, honestly. I have some Unpopular Opinions about the State of the FOB as it is, but that does not mean by any account that I'm not still crazy in love with Pete, Patrick or Joe. Let' comment about Andy. I respect him as an artist he just...talks a lot. We'll just leave it at that. Have I mentioned recently that I love the Used? Clearly anyone that writes The Used as evil guys has NOT SEEN BERTH BECAUSE OH MY HEART. Is anyone else doing the Used Media Exchange? I got someone I fangirl like crazy and may need some talking down.

I'm working the market at my job today. I'm...don't like people. They make me twitchy and over-polite. Hey, Fourth of July is soon, that means I've gotta gets some fireworks. Y'all really don't even know. I'm such a...something. Drives Fast, Likes Loud Music, Likes things that go Boom. (I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get a speeding ticket soooooooometime soon.)

This is my last summer as a highschool student. I still need to do something epic.
Also, I'm trying to loose weight. Its not as easy as you think it'd be with the job that I have. Today I ate a salad with chicken, Vidalia Onion Vinegrette and lettuce from my own garden. I also planted onion and Bright Light Swiss Chard today (so pretty). I have stopped trying to catch up with Big Bang, is it over yet? I'm gonna let it end then read that way. I'm having fun exposing people that arent IN fandom to BBB.

I think...that that's quite enough. Later y'all. : )

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This is my new favorite icon.

I'm having anxiety about school. I thought I was through with this shit for the summer. :(


Going to study now.
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The seniors are graduating tomorrow, sobsob. Who the hell approved this?

Comment with a request to see absolutely anything on my computer. my desktop, my documents, my bookmarks, my inbox, secret stash of pornography, latest works in progress... whatever you're curious about.

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Today, I took the SAT. Which, whatever. I should, but I can't bring myself to angst about it quite yet. Too many other AP tests and exams to worry about.
But here's the interesting part.

Today, I made a LARP sword. I won't even lie and tell you that I'm not insanely attracted to people that can sword fight, but I never really thought I'd get out there and LARP. Luckily I have my beautiful nerd-bestie Lydia. We made swords, using a picture tutorial from where else but LJ. Its basically PCV pipe, insulation and a shitload of duct and electrical tape. Then we went and beat each other up with swords. I've taken blows to the hips and legs and ribs and I have future callouses on my hands and I feel exquisite.

And, even though we're just fucking around with play swords, I felt strong, and when I was taking hits and blocking them and giving a few too (More of the taking, Lydia has actual experience with swords) I felt sexy. I know, I know I'm weird. But, yeah, just. Its the feeling of having control over your body and maybe a little bit of yeah, I can take a hit, and I can give it back just as good (please, don't be fooled, insulation or not a pole to the ribcage is not fun). I kinda wish I bruised easier, just so I'd have something to show for it.

Either way, hi how are you today?
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Sometimes I wish I could say I don't give a fuck and actually mean it.

In other, less emo news:
People that've ordered stuff from the empires webstores. About how long did it take for the stuff to get there? Its been about three weeks and I haven't gotten my shirt. Is this too long? If it is, how do you suggest I contact...whoever I need to contact?
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I might have a B in my most hated subject.


I have around 200,000 words in fic to read. I'm behind in one day. And [community profile] dotcoms_refresh hasn't even came out today. Its Tuesday.

And I have to study.

And I still have my epic plot line o' doom. To, y'know, start. Along with a poem to finish having critiqued, and another poem that currently has two permutations, that are essentially different poems with the same general gist, and i have to figure out which one I have to attempt to make pretty.

did I mention I have around 200,000 words in fic to read? Possibly more, seeing as it isnt even 3:45 yet, and things tend to happen rapidly around here?

I'm simultaneoulsy overjoyed and in pain.

(*snort* is blocked on school computers)

Oh, did I also mention I have homework? What is that?

Ohohoh and I need to work on my thesis proposal, which is due in a week.

And Valentine's Day is in two days, and thats gonna possibly be hellish, cause I love my girl, but I want to stab most of her admirers(I had to stare at this for like, 5 minutes before I could figure out what was wrong with it, damn you Word and damn you LJ for lack of left-cclick spelling suggestions) in the eye.

I'm not even complainging, for the most part, just putting it out there.
On the plus side I (probably) get to go to my crackdealer haven, Hot Topic, and possibly find something worth blowing a little cash. Then Claires.

Also, fandom, you're making me a bad Creative Writer. I've had "The Road" for months and still havent read it. Sure my Whitman is beaten and inked already, and my speshul edition of "Howl" actually survived two months without a single bend, a rarity for me, but I cant remember the last time I read a book for fun. And no, The fucking gaudy ass piece of shit Scarlet Letter does not count as fun. Hawthorne is a master not fun.

And thats my Tuesday update. Maybe I'll make it to Friday. ^.^

if i were a better person I'd actually look up the html to make the font bigger, but....I'm not. 


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