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Why yes I am studying for my exams tomorrow / actually reading my second Big Bang to be Fanmixed. Yup yup.

Heaven Help Us by [ profile] bexless 
Dude its the sequel to I Have Been All Things Unholy. If you haven't had this recced to you you're either new or have been actively running from it. Its amazing, and you don't really need that hour or two of your day now do you.

A Handholding Song by [ profile] skoosiepants 
I am more than a little in love with Skoosie and every fic she writes. Its all schmoopy and suspiciously convienent but there's enough humour that I didn't care and just enjoyed it. Also, one of the pairings is Bob/Joe. Yeah, seriously.

So, that ends the strictly bandom portion of these recs. >.>
I've been reading a lot of outreaching fic lately, lots of Bandom/American Idol and lots of *sigh* Jonas Brothers. I BLAME [personal profile] akire_yta !!!!
I've developed preferences. Anyway, I've been reading a lot and some of its pretty good, but these are the few that impressed me enough to get tagged.

This is an S.O.S by [ profile] savvygambols 
Yeah, I actually read this before the whole JoBros invasion in bandom and thought it was cute, I just never got around to saving it. Its basically what would happen if the JoBros got dropped into Warped tour with some of our guys. There are two tiny codas that are nice too.

Dancing Without Warning & Dancing Goes All Night (coda) by [ profile] skoosiepants 
Heeeeeey remeber when I said I love skoosiepants? 'Cause yeah. Its Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas, but it works. Bonus points for utterly delightful William Beckett.

Willful Suspension of Disbelief by [ profile] insunshine 
Its 18,000 words of Brendon/Shia Lebouf. Yeah, ikr. It feels like watching a natural progression of a relationship and features sometimes-an-asshole!Brendon, a version which...I'm a lot more fond of than other carnations of him. I want to curl up in this fic and sleep for a few more hours.

K, now I'm gonna go pick mustards then study then READ THAT FIC DAMNIT.
How are y'all?

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I'm not getting shit done tonight.
Fly-by post
Thursday-verse update with like three different bits
Commet/message/email whatever me if you read it so I'll have somebody to squee about it with.
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*snort* Just when I thought I was finished with Harry Potter I go and do this.

Bond by Anna Fugazzi

Its long, intricately plotted and hot. If you were or are apart of HP Fen, especially if you read Harry/Draco you're more than familiar with the Harry and Draco are forced to be together because ~magical reason here~ plot. Yes well this is one of those but its actually y'know good. At one point while reading, I stumbled across something especially clever and sat up and said, aloud, "This is honest-to-god good writing,". So yes, go, it make take about two days but read it anyway!
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Ha ve a few hours and want to read something absolutely lovely (convoluted and achey, and infuriating but good)? Of course you do

in our bedroom, after the war by [profile] sinuous_curve and [profile] flickerofyou

its gorgeous realistic Panic GSF, Nc-17 and all that, clocking in at 87,000. it drug men in, even enduring against several interruptions and more than once I found myself talking bakc to the fic and making commentary on the boy's actions something I only do when I really love a fic. So go *shoos* go and read it.
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 Hey guys, I know ya'll are still reeling from Big Bang, but you should all go read this fic (I'm assuming t_usual_suspect hasn't already flailed at you about it :))

Jonquil by [profile] delete_entry

Its absolutely lovely. It will make  you tear up, and sigh and go ngh, and its so beautiful. Dont forget to look at the entry on flowers if you, like me, arent an experct on the language of flora.

oh, and a thought, troll around the big fic comms, I'm sure some really good fic got overshadowed by the massive (and magnificent) occurence of big bang :)


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