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I love you
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I might have a B in my most hated subject.


I have around 200,000 words in fic to read. I'm behind in one day. And [community profile] dotcoms_refresh hasn't even came out today. Its Tuesday.

And I have to study.

And I still have my epic plot line o' doom. To, y'know, start. Along with a poem to finish having critiqued, and another poem that currently has two permutations, that are essentially different poems with the same general gist, and i have to figure out which one I have to attempt to make pretty.

did I mention I have around 200,000 words in fic to read? Possibly more, seeing as it isnt even 3:45 yet, and things tend to happen rapidly around here?

I'm simultaneoulsy overjoyed and in pain.

(*snort* is blocked on school computers)

Oh, did I also mention I have homework? What is that?

Ohohoh and I need to work on my thesis proposal, which is due in a week.

And Valentine's Day is in two days, and thats gonna possibly be hellish, cause I love my girl, but I want to stab most of her admirers(I had to stare at this for like, 5 minutes before I could figure out what was wrong with it, damn you Word and damn you LJ for lack of left-cclick spelling suggestions) in the eye.

I'm not even complainging, for the most part, just putting it out there.
On the plus side I (probably) get to go to my crackdealer haven, Hot Topic, and possibly find something worth blowing a little cash. Then Claires.

Also, fandom, you're making me a bad Creative Writer. I've had "The Road" for months and still havent read it. Sure my Whitman is beaten and inked already, and my speshul edition of "Howl" actually survived two months without a single bend, a rarity for me, but I cant remember the last time I read a book for fun. And no, The fucking gaudy ass piece of shit Scarlet Letter does not count as fun. Hawthorne is a master not fun.

And thats my Tuesday update. Maybe I'll make it to Friday. ^.^

if i were a better person I'd actually look up the html to make the font bigger, but....I'm not. 


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