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Jan. 4th, 2010 04:06 pm
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-5 natural hair sites
- 2 chubby girl sits (FYCG and...some magazine)
- 1 Naruto Fic (Gaara/Lee, [ profile] bandombigbang, I'm gonna reread them all

and I'm listening to Bullets.

Happy New Year, peeps, I think its gonna be a good one.
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too tired for real post.
short hand.

-i think i like a boy?
-i want to forget that I'm a Creative Writer at the School of Fine Arts sometimes.
-i love her but sometimes i want to smack her.
-wait, wut
-i'm not leaving bandom, i'm polyamorus, sillies.
-psh, college.
- O HAY. Taking Back Sunday next week and Fall Out Boy the week after that.
-always so tired.
-fucking taciturnity
-may have to go up to 0g. sorry ma.
-*sigh* <- up to interpretation.
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Today, I took the SAT. Which, whatever. I should, but I can't bring myself to angst about it quite yet. Too many other AP tests and exams to worry about.
But here's the interesting part.

Today, I made a LARP sword. I won't even lie and tell you that I'm not insanely attracted to people that can sword fight, but I never really thought I'd get out there and LARP. Luckily I have my beautiful nerd-bestie Lydia. We made swords, using a picture tutorial from where else but LJ. Its basically PCV pipe, insulation and a shitload of duct and electrical tape. Then we went and beat each other up with swords. I've taken blows to the hips and legs and ribs and I have future callouses on my hands and I feel exquisite.

And, even though we're just fucking around with play swords, I felt strong, and when I was taking hits and blocking them and giving a few too (More of the taking, Lydia has actual experience with swords) I felt sexy. I know, I know I'm weird. But, yeah, just. Its the feeling of having control over your body and maybe a little bit of yeah, I can take a hit, and I can give it back just as good (please, don't be fooled, insulation or not a pole to the ribcage is not fun). I kinda wish I bruised easier, just so I'd have something to show for it.

Either way, hi how are you today?


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